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Company  Services


S.M. Harner and Company  specializes in delivering to clients world class, professional services in five areas:


¡ñ  Investment Advisory Services for Non-Financial Companies


We work with project teams of corporations undertaking investments in China

We are specialists in mergers and acquisitions  of Chinese companies. 

We assist in pre-investment searches, due diligence investigations, valuations, and negotiations.  

For existing operations, we assist in strategy development, financial planning, risk management, and fund-raising.


Two recent engagements


    We have advised a U.S. multinational in an acquisition of a China-based manufacturing and sales group

  Our role:

  • Leader of financial and legal due diligence team

  • Prepared valuations of target group company

  • Member of three man final negotiating team  

    We have assisted a U.S multinational planning a joint venture investment in China

   Our role:

  • Due diligence on identity and capabilities of the Chinese partner

  • Evaluation of financial capability of Chinese partner

  • Critical evaluation of financing sources and structure of the JV

Negotiations with Chinese partner on financing needs, terms and conditions



¡ñ  Business Development Advisory for Foreign Financial Services Companies


S.M. Harner and Company is a specialized consultancy--the only one of its kind--offering market entry and business development advisory services for international financial service companies seeking opportunities in China and Japan


Our Expertise    

  • We are specialists in financial services in the Chinese and Japanese marketplaces. 

  • We possess over 15 years experience managing financial service businesses in China and Japan. We have started-up new financial service businesses in both these markets during the past sever years.

  • We have been advising companies in China since 1994.   

Our Service Approach and Commitments

  • We commit to approaching each engagement with a clear understanding of our client¡¯s needs and of our ability to deliver against those needs. 

  •  We commit to delivering information, analysis, and advice that is concrete, coherent, and actionable by our clients¡¯ decision-makers.

  • We commit to providing the highest level of professional service and quality of advice.

  • Our clients will receive services directly and personally from Stephen M. Harner, president of the company. 

Our Services


 Our consulting is specialized in the following financial service businesses:  

  • Wholesale commercial and investment banking

  • Consumer banking

  • Life and non-life insurance

  • Wholesale and retail securities

  • Asset management (mutual funds, institutional asset management)

  • Consumer finance (non-bank)

  • Asset-based finance (e.g., leasing)

  • Credit cards

   Standard Services    

  • Market entry analysis, due diligence, and advisory

  • Competitive industry analysis

  • Strategic market positioning (including JV partner evaluation) advisory

  • Direct investment due diligence and advisory

  • Regulatory environment review

  • Product potential analysis  

    Special Services


Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of our clients.  We are prepared to accept ¡°non-standard¡± assignments if we think we can add value and deliver service and results to our clients¡¯ satisfaction.   

  • Merger and acquisition negotiations support

  • Public relations advice and support

  • Business strategy and management performance audit (for existing businesses)

  • Document translation and analysis



¡ñ  Management Consulting for Domestic Financial Companies


  We serve as senior advisors and management consultants to Chinese and Japanese financial companies.  Typically, we advise companies in:¡¡

  • Devising successful competitive strategies in changing markets

  • Re-engineering organizations to execute new strategies

  • Internationalization and new product development

  • Implementing effective operational management techniques and methodologies

  • Improvement credit risk management




¡ñ  Financial Industry Executive Search


On a selective basis, we provide senior executive search services for clients in China.

With over 17 years experience as a practitioner in financial services in China and Japan, including the experience of setting up a banking business in Shanghai and recruiting all staff locally, Stephen M. Harner is uniquely able to advise clients on how to proceed, and to find, evaluate, and recruit the most appropriate candidates.  





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